Any colour, any shape, any size. You bring us your concept or need, we will bring the innovative spirit to realize your vision.

Only premium material


We use premium New Zealand and Canadian wool, natural silk and proprietary art silk. The only material we use has been vigorously tested to ensure both the finest finish and lasting durability.


 Cabernet Carpets Inc.




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611 Conrad Pl. unit 5,6,7

Waterloo, Ontario

Canada N2V 1C4

Tomorrow's Vintage

Cabernet Carpets is a Canadian manufacturer of custom wool and silk, hand-tufted carpets. Our artisans and craftsmen expertly blend texture, pattern and colour to bring a vision to life.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our collective imaginations and building on the experience, creativity and innovative nature of each team member. From inception to final product our design and production teams impart their signature on every step.